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LOL cool game

Wow cool game, I like how he follows the mouse, nice scripting.
It's cool how is live, it shows a counter of all the people that play.


Its prettty good.
I like how the bar fades on.

Nice Game man

Hey dude, nice game, I like it.
I like the script how it lets go and goes up.

Awsome Game

I like how you can aim with the crosshair, god technique.
The graphics were really good.
There was alot of action at the very end.
Great game , keep it up.

Good job!

Nice Sonic character game.
I like all the choices to pick.
I seen dress up games, and most of them suck.
This one is far the best!

Cool game dude

Awsome Game!!
I like the smilely style you did.
It would be cool if you put in a boss.
Keep doing good.

Wanion responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

HAHAHA funny man lol

LOL that is a funny suicidal game.
it kind of remind me of jackass except no one dies "lol".What makes it funny is he kills him self doing somthin very stupid.
Keep makin funny stuff!!

Its mad funny man.But if you wanna record easier

Hey man,that was a funny soundboard you made.I liked all the sounds.But you dont have to record with your mic.A easier way is this,If you have a really good sound card you can change recording settings to wave out mix.Go to Volume Control>Properties>Recording "make sure Wave OutMix is selected then click ok. Now you have 2 choices,if u have microphone seclected you can switch back and forth to talk on mix.Now WaveOut mix for recording records all the sound files you play.SO say if your on a site and yo hear AHHHH sound it will record that sound and it wont be stacitcy because your not using your microphone.hheheheh.So use Waveout Mix then use Sound Recorder to record the sounds.Overall I liked the sound boar,I just wanted to help you out
so you know what to do in the future

AntiClockClock responds:

Someone told me about that a long time ago but I didn't really understand it. I will try it out in the future, thanks for that advice!


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